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The future development prospects of LED solar street lights in China

by:SRS     2021-07-25
solar street light are an indispensable public facility for people now, and the LED solar that appear now are more convenient and fast, so I have to say that they cannot be missing, so for him, what will be the future development prospects in China What about?    First, it’s not that you can have better lamps if you have high-efficiency LEDs. Generally speaking, the efficiency of LEDs is still possible, but because of the possibility of different manufacturers, it may cause a certain difference in its light transmittance. Regarding energy saving, although the main focus of LED solar is energy saving, this is a technical blessing, so it is not completely possible. Therefore, the design trade-off can not be only about transparency, and at the same time. These aspects of the time-cost ratio. Second, the conclusion of the experimental results 1. Reduce the power When conducting the test, it is necessary to set up various modules, and among these modules, the method of reducing the power will be chosen to improve the efficiency as much as possible, if the light efficiency is improved , That is, in terms of application, the area of u200bu200blighting has been improved, and the time has been extended to a certain extent, and there will be room for improvement in terms of cost, so I have to say that these results are all in the layer. Completed during the layer test. 2. Early tests. These tests are not done overnight. They are all accumulated from many early experiments. Nowadays, the failure rate of energy-saving lamps is very high. It can be said that the emergence of LED solar street lamps has solved this problem. At the beginning of the test, the advantages of the LED lamp should be obviously better than that of the energy-saving lamp. Whether in the early test or in terms of efficiency and cost, it is worthy of being used, and the results of the test are also reflected in this way. . Therefore, the manifestation of the effect is the most valuable.  The future development prospects of LED solar solar street light are still very good. After all, high efficiency and energy saving are the pursuit of the current society, so as long as continuous innovation and progress, he can completely gain a foothold in the society.
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