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The factors affecting the service life of solar street light

by:SRS     2020-04-18

Six main factors affecting the service life of solar street light: No. 1 controller be affected with damp be affected with damp or water, will affect the use effect of the controller, then the lights will lose lighting effect, if the battery is in the midst of the discharge state, if not timely maintenance battery would have been in a state of loss of electricity, the battery again use and life will have a great negative impact. If the solar module is part of the cover or damage, the working efficiency of the solar module will be greatly affected, if only 10% of the solar panel is covered, so efficiency of the solar module will fall by 50%, the system work, will not reach the rated working current of battery is often in a state of loss of electricity, this is a great influence on the life of the battery.  3 lighting light source: different light life, can choose the light source with low pressure sodium lamp, low-pressure electrodeless lamp, LED lamp, low fluorescent lamp, etc. Using sodium lamp and LED lamp is more now. Life is short. Now solar led street light good quality in 50000 hours, 10 hours a day in theory, can be used more than ten years. So choose a good light source in the first place.  4 light starter: different start in a different way, need different ballast or drive power supply. This part has much effect on the light source. Especially the LED light source. Now in general use constant current source driver. The stand or fall of constant current source and set parameters is suitable for light source is very important. Basically see: precision of constant current, output efficiency, scope of protection circuit, parameter setting, etc.  5 solar controller: led solar street lamp controller in the control, monitoring, not only protect cell components, battery and load working condition. In effective control of the working state of the battery at the same time, also indirect protection of the load , for it provides an effective and relatively stable working environment, especially in the battery power is insufficient or undervoltage work work under critical state. A high precision, stable performance of the controller will be the key role. Sometimes such as solar street light will work under the conditions of sparkly. One of the fault controller is one of the reasons. Battery: choose to use a relatively stable battery performance. And construction should closely, protected from accidental factors such as the water. It will also indirectly affect the service life of street lamps. Choose a shop with a street lamp on, of course, still can directly affect the service life of the solar street light. General street lamps in the prophase, installation until after-sales and solved the trouble back at home of the buyer.
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