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The efficiency of solar street lamps how to guarantee

by:SRS     2020-05-25

 LED solar street light now has become more and more widely used in road lighting energy saving. Because of LED solar street light and durable and energy conservation and emissions reduction, by the national government agencies or large enterprises. In order to guarantee the efficiency of LED solar street lighting, traders in the choose and buy at the same time, we must make clear the product model of LED solar street light, so that the convenient maintenance in the future.In the product after the repair shall timely feedback to the manufacturer's engineers, so that you can in the production of LED solar street light, effectively avoid this kind of failure from happening again. This is for its future sustainable work item created very good conditions, to some extent can effectively increase the working features of its products, which LED solar street light can be more durable. Solar street light of the characteristics of the silicon photocell silicon photocell directly converts light energy into electrical energy is a kind of semiconductor devices. Its structure is simple, the core part is a large area of p-n junction ( Figure 9) 。 You can make a simple experiment, put a transparent glass shell of point-contact diode and a microampere meter into closed loops, when the diode tube core ( P-n junction) By light, you'll see whose hands deflect microamps table, showing in the loop current, this phenomenon is called light born v effect. p-n junction area of the silicon photocell are much larger than the p-n junction diode, so the electromotive force and the current caused by light is much greater. For example, the model of 2 cr silicon photocell under the incident light intensity of 100 mw/cm2, open circuit voltage ( With high internal resistance of the dc millivoltmeter measurement) For 450 ~ 600 mv, short circuit current for 16 ~ 30 ma, conversion efficiency is 6% ~ 12%.
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