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The dust in the air for solar street light have any effect?

by:SRS     2020-11-20
How strong the impact of dust on the solar street light, so, everybody will be questioned dust have influence on the solar street light? You don't think that is almost maintenance-free, solar street lamps installed solar street light is no matter. It is wrong to think so, solar street lamp parts is almost maintenance-free, but in the use of solar energy street light is also very important, is to regularly cleaned solar street lamps, such as solar panels. If use long after the solar street lamps, solar panels will definitely have a thick layer of dust, if is not clear in time, will affect the ability of the solar panels absorb sunlight, this will affect the solar panels conversion rate is reduced, which can lead to battery power supply, may be composed of the original six hours, slowly become 3 - Four hours. So solar energy suggest everyone: in the use of solar energy street light process, must remember to clean up regularly. Want to know more about solar street light price list welcome consultation outdoor lighting. City outdoor lighting professional research and development production and sales of solar energy, led outdoor lighting, with many years of production experience and advanced production equipment, quality assurance, reasonable price, configuration, buy led solar street lamps, consulting the led solar street light price, please click contact us online customer service, welcome calls to order! Welcome new and old customers to field trip.
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