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The drawbacks urban landscape lighting

by:SRS     2020-11-06

according to the United States to a new survey research revealed, night lights light pollution is caused by the blind on the one 5 of the people of the Milky Way galaxy. One of the authors of the report also said the survey, & quot; A lot of people still lost the sky, and it is our lights that the night sky lost capacity & quot; 。 He thought, now in the world about two-thirds of life in the light pollution.

in the far away from the city on the outskirts of the night sky, to be able to see more than two thousand stars, but in the big city can only see dozens. The problem of light pollution has caused people's concern. The United States has also established the international dark sky association, specially with light pollution for fighting.

when violent sunlight mapping, city building glass curtain wall, glazed brick, polished marble and various coatings such as costume reflection light, bright white, dazzle bright. Experts research found that, for a long time in the smooth white pollution environment between labor and the survival of the people, the retina and iris will level differences of victimization, eyesight drop sharply, the incidence of cataracts as high as 45%. Also make the person dizziness, falling even produce insomnia, loss of appetite, decreased heart and head to the same symptoms of neurasthenia.

, after curtain of night coming on the market, hotel advertising lights, neon lights shining bright, let a person dazzling. Some strong beam into the sky, even makes the night as the day is the same, the so-called human during the day. In such a & quot; The city that never sleeps & quot; In, it is difficult to sleep in the night, disturb the normal human body biological clock, cause the day labor efficiency is low. Birds and insects, man-made damage to the daytime will light may destroy insects at night the normal reproductive process.

dance halls, nightclubs installation of black light lamp, turn lamp, fluorescent lamp and shining color light source form the visual pollution. According to the measurement, a black light produced by the ultraviolet intensity is greatly higher than that of the sun's ultraviolet rays, and a benefit to the human body spread to continue long time. If long time to adopt this kind of mapping, can cause flow nosebleed, take off a tooth, cataract, even cause leukemia and the rest of the cancer. Color light source, make a person dazzling, not only does no good to the eye, and harassment of the brain central nervous, make the person feels dizzy, nausea vomiting, the symptom such as insomnia. Latest research scientists expressed, visual pollution not only hurt the person's psychology performance, also affected the mental health.

noise light pollution is encroach upon all the people's eyes. Every eye diseases, unique is short sightedness rapid climb. According to statistics, China's high myopia rate above 60%, and in the first two days. Therefore, our country every year in examination of money and manpower to cope with myopia, are less, because is not from the improvement of visual environment to the underlying. Related health experts thought that the focus of the visual environment is myopia. Outdoor lighting professional solar street lamp manufacturers, technical quality as the core competitiveness, if you are interested in outdoor lighting project or have any questions, welcome to click, welcome your call

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