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The disadvantages of solar street light

by:SRS     2021-02-16
The disadvantages of solar energy solar street lamps use battery life is short, the price is expensive, isn't there any way to let the battery & other; Prolong life & throughout; , reduce the price? By solar panels, solar street lamps, LED bulb light pole, controller, consumable parts and cement base, etc. Made of single crystal silicon panels, useful life of 25 years. Can used to charge and discharge of the lead-acid battery, a total of 1000 times charging and discharging, convert time, life is about 3 years. If the street light controller is of good quality, coupled with careful maintenance, can prolong the life of the battery to 5 years or longer, but the later lighting effect will be worse. On the contrary, if the street lamp installation and maintenance is undeserved, may also make the solar street light & other The tube & throughout; 。 Tall and lush trees, for example, he found that there are a lot of solar street lamps installed below the tree, even in summer, the sun * strong also enjoy less than adequate lighting. And deficiency can cause the battery can't normal charge and discharge, shorten service life. Like mobile phone batteries, if always fill with electricity, may before long, the battery will fail. In addition, the area of the solar panel and battery capacity does not match, such as high power panels with small batteries, will also affect the service life of street lamps. Short battery life is the development of solar street lamp * big & other; Bottleneck & throughout; 。 For now, using new energy street light must be more expensive than ordinary street lamp. But in the long run, the conventional energy will have dried up, * * * will be replaced by the new energy of energy conservation and environmental protection. And to make energy conservation and environmental protection concept deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, must from now on advocacy and propaganda. Use solar lights, light is not calculator, but also social benefit. New energy compared with conventional energy, * big disadvantage is that the price is more expensive, power generation benefits far below the cost of installation and maintenance. Because of this, our country to have a certain scale photovoltaic ( Grid) Power projects introduced subsidies. Abroad, the most concentrated solar power project construction, such as roof, the residential area into scale solar facilities, in order to reduce the late maintenance costs. Solar street lamp installation is more dispersed, battery life is short, the price is high, appears unavoidably & other; Look up, can't afford to use & throughout; The embarrassment. Units and residential area before large install solar street lamp, * good do a feasibility analysis report, figuring out the calculator.
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