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The direction of the future development of solar energy products

by:SRS     2020-07-15

In our minds, the solar energy is synonymous with the plot, green, environmental protection energy, whether it's actually too can power generation, solar street light, solar lights, solar garden lights, solar water heater, all has the problem of energy consumption. According to reports coming from the experts, the portion of solar energy products of thermal insulation layer of fluoride material hidden not environmental protection. However, this situation is expected to improve in the near future, the industry standard for solar products be forthcoming. Great situation in energy conservation and emissions reduction, in a low carbon economy has become a global focus at the same time, energy-efficient products is more and more get the favour of consumers. But most people don't realise is that the clean energy products are materials containing freon this is disabled. Learned, rigid polyurethane foam plastics is a kind of superior performance of polymer composite materials, the solar energy water heater that is now recognized as the best heat preservation material, thus is widely used. But this kind of material containing freon components  . The solar water heater industry will be faced with heat preservation material fully replace the grave situation. In our country, air conditioners, refrigerators and other electrical appliances product under a variety of policy incentives, is already the CFC replacement work, air-conditioning products refrigerant, although has not been subject to replace, but also began to use mostly refrigerants of environmental impact is very small. In solar water heater industry, restricted by technology level, has always been difficult to find cheap right no substitutes. It is understood that China's rural energy industry association of professional committee of the solar energy heat utilization, the director said, CFC - 11 replacement is not a one-off. According to the rules to allow the solar water heater before 2020 materials used transitional dichloride fluorine ethane. At present our country has not yet been completely independent intellectual property does not contain fluorine alternative products, thus completely replace, can only use parts. Nowadays, in the efforts of the government departments and the industry, the field of solar energy brand concentration has been obviously improved, the next target will be energy efficiency standards and expand the field of solar energy heat utilization, in the next few years, the international competitiveness at the same time, foster a batch of famous brand enterprises and famous brand products, to promote industry in aspects such as efficient environmental protection to a new level. 
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