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The difference between the LED project-light lamp and LED floodlight

by:SRS     2021-05-07
The difference between the LED project-light lamp and LED floodlight 1. What is the LED project-light lamp? LED project-light lamp ( LEDDownlight) Also called spot, projection lamp, lamp and so on, mainly used for building decoration lighting, lighting, and commercial space, decorative elements heavier, its appearance has a round and square, because usually need to consider the reason of the heat dissipation, so its appearance and traditional project-light lamp or have some difference. 2. What is the LED floodlight? LED floodlight is a kind of can be all directions even illuminate the point light source, it can adjust the illuminate of scope, performance in the scene for a graphic is octahedron. Floodlight is * widely used in the middle of the renderings produced a kind of light source, standard floodlight used to illuminate the whole scene. Can be used in the scene more omni, to produce a better effect. Floodlight is * widely applied in the rendering of a light source, can be used in the scene more omni coordinating role, to born good results. Ground illuminate uniformly in all directions from a particular point object, use it to analogy * better light bulbs and candles. Omni can be placed anywhere in the scene. For example, can be placed outside the scope of camera, or is the inside of the object. In the cosco distance of the scene using many different colored floodlight is very common. These floodlights can mix and dark projection on the model. Because the illuminate of omni range is big, so the omni light effect is very easy to predict, and the lights and many auxiliary USES, for example, place the floodlight near the surface of the object position, will create a bright light on the surface. Note that floodlight can't set up too much, otherwise the effect will appear dull and inflexible. In the usual rendering production, pay more attention to realize lighting parameters and layout of the entire rendering scene feeling the effects of light, accumulate more experience, the collocation of good lighting skills.
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