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The development of LED solar street light path is?

by:SRS     2020-04-03

The development of LED solar street light path is? Lighting people produce, homework, learning is the most fundamental and most important needs. Now lighting light source in our country is still in use of coal based thermal power, lighting has become an important part of China's electricity demand. Lighting electricity consumption in our country in 2007 to reach 390 billion kWh, accounting for more than 12% of the country's electricity cost, BiaoMei consumption of 1. 400 million tons. Our country coal product 70% for thermal power, huge power consumption not only cost a lot of coal resources, and has become the primary origin of air pollution in our country. Coal produce per 1 KWH, happened to air pollutants is: zero carbon dust. 272 kilograms, carbon dioxide, O. 997 kg, sulfur dioxide 0. 3 kg, nitrogen oxides 0. 015 kilograms. How much a 'led solar street lamp LED solar street light path is? Energy-saving, environmental protection and long life are the three advantages of solar energy photovoltaic differences from traditional incandescent lamps and lanterns, the LED together is known as a 'cold' light source, it does not rely on the filament heating to glow, energy conversion power is very high, in theory just one over twenty of incandescent lamp energy consumption, more general fluorescent lamp energy saving more than one over ten. Plan 3 - prosperous country Use the skills of LED light source products instead of the 20% within five years practice light source products. This project use LED lamp holder with the international advanced LED light source planning skills, made from top view special ultra-high brightness LED diode light source plate; Solar panels, Components) And battery into can significantly advance photoelectric conversion and energy storage nano rare earth material, compared with now the solar lamps and lanterns, high brightness, long using life, low use capital level advantages, applicable to the solar street lamp, courtyard light, lawn lamp, warehouse lamp lighting systems. For example, 12 m light pole in the solar street lamp brightness to 27 lux, can be greatly higher than existing with inverter solar street light and general lighting lamps and lanterns. Greatly save the solar cell power consumption under the same intensity of illumination, completely solve the practice solar street light system with inverter is not reliable, low temperature start to senior defects, lamp life is short, and system cost. LED solar photovoltaic lighting lamps and lanterns of perfect production technology, designed to advance the use life of lamps and lanterns, falling from capital, expand production scale, progress in efforts to promote the use of solar energy lamps and lanterns, promote the development of solar photovoltaic industry in China and the development of regional economy. In ordos, for example, by the end of 2009, in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region has proven coal reserves of more than 7300 one hundred million tons, in the country, guess reserves figure will be higher. The ordos near 150 billion tons, one 6 of the country, according to speculation, total reserves of coal here can reach 700 billion tons. We have learned, now in ordos local, 1. 08 million tons of shenhua coal direct liquefaction in the area and China coal group 3 million tons 600000 tons of dimethyl ether, datang olefins, send to 1 million tonnes of dimethyl ether project is completed and put into production. Relying on the soft of coal in industrial policy, ordos has put a lot of large electric power, metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials and biological project into capsule. As now the domestic new energy such as capital contribution of the national strategic emerging industry policy guidance, the LED project natural become a highlight of ordos economic transformation. LED solar street light is a green environmental protection product, is the echo of energy-saving products of national and international calls. Now, LED led solar street lamp market share is adding year by year, and conduct trend of LED led solar street lamp must be from center parts improvement ( Conversion of solar panels, light source, lighting, battery storage density) Introduced, aesthetic feeling of planning and skills to use more and more intelligent. 
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