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The design of the solar street light

by:SRS     2021-02-12
How the design of the solar street lamps in our economic life has been developing rapidly in modern times, more and more people like new novel things, but is in such a case, solar street light will be in imperceptible in into your line of sight, if you follow, you will know its huge role, it is in such a case, the design of solar street lights will leave deep impression to us, it is in this case there will be a lot of people pay attention to the highlight of the design. So then what is the design of the solar street lamps? Actually the design of solar street light will be very attention to concise and easy, and brings to the visual sense of balance, it is in this case, will promote it in all kinds of design, such as the position of the solar panels, and other aspects have a sophisticated design, it is in this case, we will focus on more interesting solar street lamp design products. Then under the constantly to collect, you will appreciate the fine design of solar street lamps, and it will be for us of the necessity of economic development is a big development, believe that you will have a lot of attention.
solar street lamp wattage how to choose?
solar street lamp wattage how to choose? With how light, solar street lamps light source is how many wattage, aiming at this problem, we do some of the paper as follows: 1, the principle of sufficient enough refers to the solar energy street lamp wattage should be used, as the lighting effects to achieve standard, or is to be able to have basic lighting effect, especially in some remote rural areas, the economy is not developed, in order to achieve the lighting effect and reduce the burden on farmers, basic are smaller wattage to install solar street lamp, although not as bright lights in the city, but the brightness is enough for the use, for the villagers to travel at night really brings convenience and security. 2, intensity of illumination intensity of illumination is in some places, especially export Europe solar street lamp, solar street lamp lighting levels need to reach a certain intensity of illumination, this needs to achieve the basic wattage, general illumination requirements of street lamp wattage need by the engineer to calculate and determine. 3, hard and fast rules in some engineering project is a hard wattage rules, must want to achieve.
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