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The design of the solar street lamps in the countryside

by:SRS     2020-11-06
Solar led street lamp is also common in the countryside, in the rural countryside road, streets and roads to see it standing side by side, rural completely solved the countryside's huge electricity solar street lamps, some rural didn't even before the street lamp, have now installed solar led street lamp brought convenient for farmers to travel at night, solar street light is because is so sought after by all of us, but for installation design solar led street light in time, we still need to its light pole, selection basis and controller etc. You know want to choose suitable for local area of the solar street lamps have to make a summary, to ensure that found in many of the street lamp need to be installed by the area suitable for solar street light, solar street light can be absorbed in the process of using solar radiation into electricity use, so in the street lamp design, we need to look at the factors, that is now the types of solar battery problems, such as is now very common monocrystalline and polycrystalline silicon cells, including polycrystalline silicon solar panels are most common, charging speed, high conversion efficiency, affordable, cost-effective choice is to choose the solar panels. In price stability and also each have each characteristic, property, to choose their own needs through solar power lithium batteries, lithium battery of solar street light is also a strong point of our outdoor lighting, compared with several other batteries, lithium-ion batteries to store electrical energy efficiency greatly, overcharge discharge protection, discharge efficiency to rise, make our outdoor lighting stand out in many outdoor lighting manufacturers. Besides simple varieties selection problem, we design on the solar street light, also need to consider its use standard, such as solar street light wind standard will affect the normal use of the solar street light. As a kind of outdoor facilities, street lamp to keep decades and no case of damage, you will need to have strong ability to resist pressure, now more and more street lamp pole has to overcome this difficulty, even so, we still need to consider this factor when designing. As long as the use area and choose the direction, distinguish between ability in numerous solar street lamps to choose suitable for solar street lamps for installation. Outdoor lighting professional solar street lamp manufacturers, technical quality as the core competitiveness, if you are interested in outdoor lighting project or have any questions, welcome to click, welcome to call you the whole close sourcing consultant, one-stop integrated service company, serve you wholeheartedly!
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