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The cost of solar street lamps

by:SRS     2020-06-02

We solar street lamp manufacturers know that solar street lamps production cost of each part. Mainly includes the cost of raw material procurement, staff wages, equipment depreciation, and spending, such as workshop, water and electricity. As rural solar street lamp, average height and brightness demand is not very high, according to different road width, the more is 5 - general 6 meters of led solar street lamp, the cost of this configuration in the 1400 - roughly 1900 yuan between. According to the configuration of a slight difference, the higher the configuration are more expensive. But also illustrate the point here is that no matter the individual parts or a whole set of solar street light, producer prices for the same configuration is not a great difference, we're going to notice if there are any price low tall, some companies in order to attract consumers, at a low price fraud on the accessories. In this commitment, any customers purchase the products of our company found that the product is not the same as specifications and purchase a full refund. At the same time also welcome customers take samples to our company inspection. All in all, rural production cost in the configuration of solar street lamp system under the condition of not too much difference, the difference is in commonly 100 yuan of less than, the customer can ask several formal manufacturers were compared. 
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