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The cost is higher than the traditional street lamp solar street light?

by:SRS     2020-06-02

solar street light is a kind of high-tech product, many people will think the price is high, and the truth is that when the cost of higher than the traditional street lamp, solar street lamps follow below to learn about the solar street light manufacturer. But if in the long run and, instead, high-tech products can create more value, so when evaluating a product, do not care about the price of its own, we need to consider is the product itself will bring us how much value. With the constant change of the city policy, we will develop the traditional around streetlights are slowly replaced by solar road, a lot of people will feel completely belongs to go looking for trouble, holds the cost of led solar street lamp cost is much higher than traditional lamps, so suggest not to replace the traditional street lamp, continue to maintain its previous state, to reduce spending on some highways. The eyes of these men is short, they don't see the new led solar street lamp in use and maintenance of late, you can save a lot of expenses. According to incomplete statistics, every year in China for hundreds of millions of street lights maintenance and use of cost, this is a huge number, behind the Numbers is the cost of electricity is as high as 90% of the expenses, can completely remove this part consumption spending led solar street lamp, solar street light can be through heat energy into electrical energy, for the use of its own lighting, thus saving a lot of power consumption cost, in addition, more durable solar street lamps, so the repair cost will be less, the overall changes in plants could also reduce overhead road, to get better development in the country. 
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