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The correct maintenance of the solar street light

by:SRS     2021-04-19
Solar lighting equipment in addition to the panel and the controller, inverter, electric equipment is much more complex than sodium lamp, therefore, in order to ensure that solar lighting equipment to continue running, check the maintenance is usually in a week for a cycle. * * inspections every fall equipment, especially clean, brush light illumination lamps and lanterns and parts of the solar energy battery components. Don't solve the photoelectric conversion of solar energy lighting system, the volume of a storage battery and the main problems, such as life, maintain the number will be far more than maintenance of high pressure sodium lamp. The right solar street light maintenance: 1, when there is wind, rain, rain, hail, snow, etc. , measures should be taken to protect the solar cell phalanx, in order to avoid damage. 2, wind, rain, snow, or to check whether the board is immediately after the rainy season, the control room and battery whether indoor water, water, should check whether the equipment is normal work after the storm, the charging and discharging controller damage and so on. 3, the daylighting of the solar cell phalanx should always be kept clean, if dust or other dirt, should wash first, again with a clean gauze water wipe gently, do not use a hard object or corrosive solvent flushing, heuristic. 4, match with the solar cell phalanx using battery, should be in strict accordance with the use of the storage battery maintenance methods. 5, check the connection of electric power system, solar street lamps in order to avoid a loose connection. 6, check the solar street light earthing resistance. Respect customers: the company in addition to have the product introduction, and street lamp manufacturers, scenery complementary street light, LED street lamp, yangzhou high lamp, LED street lamp manufacturers, price solar street lamps, solar street lamp manufacturers, street lamp manufacturers, gaoyou street lamp factory and so on, if you are interested in our products, welcome to inquire. Thank you very much!
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