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The choose and buy and install solar garden light should pay attention to what matters?

by:SRS     2020-05-03
Nowadays there is an increasing demand on the market for solar garden light, whether residential or villa we can all see the figure of solar garden light. Someone will choose europeanism courtyard lamp, someone will choose classical garden light. Demand is various, someone is chosen according to the mood, someone is chosen according to the environment, and do you know the choose and buy of solar garden light and install need to pay attention to what? Choose and buy and installation of solar garden light considerations in the choice of lamps and lanterns of style, as far as possible is to choose to match the courtyard style garden light. Is like a good neighborhood, will choose to modern garden light, simple and elegant. If private villas, mostly prefer classical and european-style garden light, elegant, have lasting appeal. Match with environment, the overall effect looks more beautiful. Yard lamp color temperature is required. Cold light source is not suitable for private courtyard, are generally choose downy and sweet. If it is too cold, can give a person a kind of empty feeling. The courtyard of the lamp decorate also is not blind is put, generally according to road size to decorate the garden light. Too close the lights will be very concentrated, affect the person's feeling, is also very waste. Greater than 6 m roads should be bilateral symmetrical arrangement or 'the' font layout, lamps and lanterns of distance in a 15 - - - - - - - Between 25 m. The path of less than 6 m unilateral arrangement, lamps and lanterns in a 15 - - - - - - - Between 18 m. Garden light to lightning protection measures to prevent. If is the solar garden, in the northern region, as far as possible the cold resistance is to choose the better battery. When installation, do not put the battery directly under the solar panels, as far as possible is buried in the ground. Garden light when installed to guard against theft, waterproof, anti-freezing measures, regularly check the courtyard lamp components, if problem occurs, the need to handle in time.
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