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The characteristics of the solar garden lamp lights and square

by:SRS     2020-04-29
Solar street lamps in the nearly time sections will be used to a lot of lighting, in the courtyard and the square will be selected with solar energy lamp, today small make up to give you summarize the solar garden light and solar square lamp what are the differences and characteristics. Small area of solar garden light characteristics: 1, lighting effect, to facilitate community residents area; 2, the whole of the residential style and the style should conform to, so as to let users do not think the property of the work and class do not conform to the community. 3, community garden solar street light to compare pay attention to beautiful sex, neither too drab, also not to be too glaring, unapt make the person produces aesthetic fatigue. According to the integral style of the whole community, can be formulated in two kinds of lamp type: Chinese style and European style; As for the small area of solar garden light cloth lamp, the staggered general highway cloth lamp and symmetric cloth lamp, can choose the right way according to the layout of the village, so that satisfy lighting effect, and pay attention to beautiful. Two lights, solar square style features: solar square lamp belongs to a part of public buildings, it reflects a city of unique individual character style, so need good artistic effect. 1, beautify the city during the day, the square of the modelling of solar garden light to be able to feed into the whole atmosphere of the square, and the night you will need to consider becoming more artistic, the color of the light to set off the beauty of the square, even at the same time considering the lighting effect can facilitate citizens' walk; 2, pay attention to view and admire a gender, the modelling of solar garden light itself is square should not only beautiful, but also can beautification environment, after have said above, also can become the symbol of a city, region culture. Above is about residential solar garden light and solar square difference, in short, the external environment of tie-in and different solar light, can produce different beautification effect.
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