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The characteristics of the integrated solar street light

by:SRS     2021-01-09
With the promotion of the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection, solar lighting gradually replace traditional lighting, electric, the energy conservation and environmental protection products listed is attracting the attention of the masses. With the development of solar street lights, lithium batteries are also constantly improve the proportion of actual application, gradually replacing the use of the storage battery. Integration is mainly composed of solar panels, solar street lamps light source template, controller, li-ion battery, aluminum alloy shell. Because of easy installation, convenient packaging, suitable for long distance transportation, also widely exported to countries around the world. Main characteristics: the integration of solar street light is a set of solar panels, led lights and lithium battery, through the intelligent human body induction system, make its have low energy consumption, high, and Gao Liuming, maintenance-free features. At the same time, the integration of solar street light are easy to install, easy to transport, internal system embedded sensing technology, infrared sensor or microwave radar sensor, automatic and demonstration and so on the many kinds of working mode, can satisfy the different demands of many projects. Integrated solar street light relative to the split type solar street lights, simply be put panels, lithium battery, controller, LED light source into a whole, to make a lamp holder, then configure corresponding light pole or install lamp arm. The main characteristics of integrated solar street light is easy installation, can be as long as the screw, from the traditional split type solar street lamps need to install solar panels stents, lamp holder and lamp arm steps, save labor and construction cost. Integrated solar street lamps were carried out on the design performance upgrade.

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