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The cause of the LED street light death light have?

by:SRS     2021-04-28
The cause of the LED solar street light death light have? The death of the LED lamp phenomenon during the process of the production and use of the LED is a kind of common phenomenon, the cause of death lamp has a lot of, here, we introduce the reason of the death of several common lamp. 1, the wire conductor is unqualified LED light source should be gold, cannot use other wires to replace, now some people will use copper wire, gold and silver, gold silvering line instead of gold wire, and claimed that the performance of these wires will than gold, do you not know that, in practice, after a lot of testing and the accumulation of experience, currently only gold is the most ideal LED wire, no other any wires can replace the gold thread. In addition, gold has a certain degree of requirements, to achieve the most basic use diameter, everyone knows that the smaller the diameter, the lower the gold thread, but the diameter is too small, easy to burn out, so for different power of lamp bead, gold has a minimum diameter requirements. In addition, gold thread in the process of production, various pollution, oil pollution, purity, and uniformity in diameter, could lead to a wire fusing death light phenomenon. 2, unqualified in chip antistatic ability is weak, low purity, chemical residues, chip damage, can cause death light phenomenon 3, LED stents unqualified is mainly manifested in the silver coating is too thin, oxide, sulfide, contamination, etc. And encapsulating resin quality reasons, the cause of the production process, the reason of welding, etc. , can cause the death of the led street lamp light. Performance test

the LED street lamp LED solar street light the lamps and lanterns temperature protection and automatic temperature adjustment function failure when aluminum plate * open the lamp cover, high temperature test short-circuit temperature control switch, disconnect the negative temperature coefficient thermistor ( NTC) , the LED street lamp lost temperature protection and automatic adjustment function of lamps and lanterns, guarantee to the full power of lamps and lanterns. In the central area of lamps and lanterns aluminium base PCB put thermocouple temperature sensor or 71 ℃ irreversible temperature indicating labeling. Then according to the normal work of the back cover, according to the normal work of lamps and lanterns up in 30 ℃ temperature by + / - 1 ℃ windless room or wind cap inside, and then to the lamps and lanterns of tong to 1 rated frequency and voltage of the rated voltage. Double power supply, continuous light 24 h, with the right temperature recorder with continuous monitoring the temperature of the thermocouple temperature sensor of the aluminium base PCB, if * high temperature does not exceed 71 ℃, the aluminum substrate * high temperature test, the opposite is unqualified, or open the cover when the power is to observe the temperature indicator whether to change the black, if there is no black, I didn't explain aluminium base PCB temperature reached 71 ℃, the aluminum substrate * high temperature test, the opposite is unqualified.
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