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The brightness of the solar street light part what method?

by:SRS     2020-04-09

In recent years, with the global environmental degradation, with more attention paid to the solar energy resources, therefore all countries in increasing the layout of the solar energy resources. LED skills are in one day in advance, its luminous power is a amazing break, so we how to judge the brightness of the solar street light? factory below small make up to analysis analysis for you, and see it together: On the market, users because of a lack of understanding of solar street lamps professional science and technology, only a general idea of mall some brief main equipment, for example: how many watt solar panel to match, how much battery capacity, how much light bead. So only in the not so practical parameters to distinguish the brightness of the light. It into a myth, and these parameters are only the appearance, we need learn the user's requirements. Users to buy the lamp, intention is what? What are the lamp of the original functions? It develops well after all fall on the 'light', the user buys lights for lighting, the function of the original lamp is lighting. According to this point, century sunshine deepening consideration, got an answer, the user is not parameters, equipment purchasing, not power, users buy is light, only this one real announced to the amount of light that the led solar street lamp and light quality is we do solar street light began to appeal. Learned that after the appeal, we need to understand some related professional knowledge. The average life expectancy: light source is the average life expectancy, is a group of light source light up together, when 50% of the light failure time, average life expectancy is this batch of the light source. 2。 Stroboscopic: light flashes per second, can't supply safe voltage will cause a large stroboscopic, big stroboscopic light source of eye injuries, the largest fluorescent light stroboscopic more serious.  3。 Flux: about a lamps and lanterns, the brief explanation is how much, announced the light unit for lumen ( LM) 。 4。 Lighting: the luminous power of lamps and lanterns, was the light of unit power can announce how many, LM/W. 5。 Show that: the degree of color restoration of light source object. In general sun reaction to color of the object is the best and the most true, so to their nature of color is 100, color rendering index of 70 or more is a good light source.  6。 Color temperature, light source color temperature is different, have different color. Low color temperature of light yellow, let's call it warm color attune, yellow fog permeability good; High color temperature of white light, white light color temperature used for road lighting have middle visual effect, good visibility, than low colour temperature yellow light is more bright. Understand the relevant knowledge, we will know how to make demand to select light source, high power LED light source for us a few refer to the below. 1, the efficient use of light, to choose the lens with patent lamp, advance the utilization rate of light. 2, integrated planning and integrated planning that LED directly into the shell closely, after shell heat dissipation wing and air convection, and ensure the service life of the LED street lamp. 3, choose the uniform illumination lamps, can solve the beam is focused, significant problems such as spots, make the shining area is larger, the action of light more evenly. 4, no bad glare, no stroboscopic. Eliminates the general street light tone, caused by bad glare vision visual exhaustion and trouble, the safety of the forward control;  5, green environmental protection, do not contain pollution elements, no pollution to the environment. Understand the luminescence principle, we will demand concluded that demand. Users buy the intent of lamps and lanterns: lighting. The brightness of the lighting: light flux the customer's demand after all: the luminous flux now solar LED street lamp market disorder, many of them stay at once than equipment, than the power of thought, but to follow the progress of science and technology, demand from define our light source. We can found significant country still use light bulbs more than 10 years ago, the 100 w bulb light up a room, to the back we use is energy-saving lamp tube, 30 - 40 w can light up the whole room, finally carried out to the LED light source, 5 - 15 w can light up the whole room, and even brighter. The brightness of the same or higher, but power is becoming more and more small, small power is more and more energy-saving. 
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