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The battery solar street lamps installed seven principles

by:SRS     2020-05-20

The battery led solar street lamp installed?  What are the principles, follow the below together to learn about the solar street light manufacturer.1) Placed in removal of solar street light foundation battery compartment sundries in mud and cement tank, make sure that no foreign bodies blocked drain holes; 2) Review the battery compartment is damaged, detect the battery voltage is normal at the same time, the new energy of yangzhou lighting realized that if an exception is convicted of nonconforming product, installation is prohibited. Sheathed wire poles with insulating tape. 3) Put battery compartment, dismantling and used cranes so in advance to play good foundation, and then position the two double wire type on connecting hoses hoop after the battery line through the cage of the prefabricated pipe, the prefabricated pipe after evenly coated with a layer of 7091 sealing silicone will connect the other end of the hose into the roots of the prefabricated pipe, use a screwdriver to double wire type bolts on the hoop. Yangzhou new energy lighting understanding of China and the United States to stay will battery line from prefabricated pipe through the set again after a period of sawing hose, position the two double wire type on threading tube hoop, prefabricated pipe evenly coated with a layer of 7091 after sealing silicone put to the root of the prefabricated pipe threading hose, use a screwdriver to double wire type bolts on the hoop, finally will battery wire fixed to the nozzle.  4) Placed in clear foundation plate of impurities such as dirt, sand;  5) On the cover plate, placed it in a smooth and placed the foundation. When placed flat, avoid foundation sediment around fall into the ground;  6) Using the asphalt mixture with fine sand ( Asphalt: sand = 1:3) Cover plate and cover plate around 40 mm;  7) Fill in clay or stone. Fill cover clay or stone, the filling covers 10 cm, ram, to 10 cm above the ground;
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