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The attention of the solar street light lamp shell

by:SRS     2021-02-25
The attention of the solar street light lamp shell lamps shell is an important part of LED solar street lamp, lamp shell shape diversity, is the most important factors of solar street light appearance. Lamp shell cosmetic requirements brightness, color uniformity, color beautiful, no blister, no burr, the waterproof performance is good. To do this request when lamps and lanterns of pin material purity, smooth, uniform coating, plastic powder color is pure single, in a variety of color shade strict, clean. Solar street light lamp shell waterproof performance achieve IP65 above, lamps and lanterns of wind resistance grade 12, sealed performance is good, and convenient maintenance switch hub, can open the lamp replacement bulbs or circuit of repair and maintenance. The size of the lamp shell is in commonly 50-150 cm, size according to the selection of light source, the height of the light pole.
the solar street lamp voltage is how many?
the solar street lamp voltage is how many? Solar street lamp voltage, generally speaking, there are two kinds, one kind is 12 v, one kind is 24 v. 12 v solar street light, is composed of a piece of 17. 5 v solar panels, and a 12 v battery and LED 12 v, 24 v solar street lamps by 35 v solar panels and 24 v battery. In general, the voltage of the system is according to LED power, LED lower than 30 watts, using 12 v solar street lamp, above 30 watts of general use 24 v LED solar street light. For more powerful solar street light, such as 150 watts, 180 watts of LED used by the system, can not be summed up in 12 v or 24 v, the LED light source can be divided into two kinds, such as 150 + can be divided into 60 watts 90 watts, 180 watts can be divided into 90 + 90 watts, an LED light source into two independent 24 v system, so it is very good calculation.
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