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The advantages of solar street lights in where?

by:SRS     2020-06-04

In the future, humans can only look at the sun! Classical natural environmental protection documentary 'hometown' of this lines, says the man, alleviate the environmental crisis, to rescue the only way out of self. So, how can we good use of the sun?It is necessary for us to realize that using solar street lamp, brought many benefits to humans and the environment: 1, from the use of natural power, and is the inexhaustible; 2, so-called green, means that it is the power of clean, compared to the cost of fuel, fuel, greatly reduced;  3, save a lot of electricity, because power generation born in the consumption of very expensive resources;  4, robust by using equipment, solar street light can resist any climate and the influence of corrosion;  5, very brief store energy, a brief to after foundation of the assembly line, to the adaptation of the solar panel space; 6, operating voltage is very low, 12 - 24 v, by contrast is very safe?  7 save power than solar led street light, solar street lamp, although leds since invented has been touted in power saving advantages, but still can't compare with the solar street light;  8, street lamp is independent and can be moved to any place where you want. Solar street light, is a very brief concept, is to convert solar energy to electricity, stored, at night, in the application into the light again. The operational principle, began in solar panels, in the daytime, photovoltaic cells absorb sunlight, then convert sunlight to electricity. Once finished, will take the initiative to generate and store, therefore, the battery pack is filled with purpose.  Storage capacity is relatively good, also can supply the lamp power;  at least 3 days There is even some great and provided solar energy storage devices can store solar energy street light nearly five days of electricity. Has the initiative intelligent system, solar street light can take the initiative to set the switch time every day. 
Over the years, has become very popular as more and more people are trying it out.
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