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The advantages of solar street lamps light source characteristics in where

by:SRS     2020-06-06

There are more and more solar street light is due to its light source advantage, so what is the light source advantage and characteristic of solar street light?  1, with independent intellectual property rights of encapsulation single high power LED ( 30 w - 100W) As a light source, using the unique single chip integrated single-mode groups more light source design, selects the import high brightness chip; 2, first the radiator and lamp shell integration design, closely following LED directly to the shell, by shell heat dissipation wing and air convection, fully guaranteed the LED street light the service life of 50000 hours. Calculated according to working 12 hours a day, the life also is in more than 10 years, low maintenance cost  3, ultraviolet corrosion resistant treatment was conducted on the surface of lamps and lanterns, high temperature resistant foaming silicone seal, effective dustproof, waterproof, overall protection reach IP65 rating of lamps and lanterns; 4, aluminum monomer ellipse reflection cavity, cooperate more surface vacuum coating reflector, targeted to control the LED light need range, improves the uniformity of light effects of lamps and lanterns and light energy utilization rate, more can highlight the LED street light energy-saving advantages. Compared with the traditional sodium lamp, but the saving electricity was above 70%; 5, no bad glare, no stroboscopic. Eliminates the normal street light glare caused by bad glare, visual fatigue and eye interference, improve the security of driving;6, start, without delay, electricity at normal brightness, without waiting, eliminate the start-up process of traditional street lamp for a long time;7, green environmental protection no pollution, do not contain lead, mercury and other pollution elements, no pollution to the environment.  8, and the combination of solar energy is a good partner, give full play to the LED dc low voltage to work with the advantages of energy conservation and environmental protection, solar photovoltaic panels combined with LED light source, for clients to achieve the best cost performance and high reliability. 
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