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The advantages of scenery complementary solar street light?

by:SRS     2020-11-11

scenery complementary solar street light, it is the sun's energy comes from the nature, so that there is sunshine can use, particularly suitable for green landscape lighting, roads, tourist attractions coastal landscape lighting and ornament. Scenery complementary lighting compared with ordinary mains street lamp, solar street lamps have obvious advantage?

ordinary mains mains street lamp energy saving without cost in a fixed form of electricity, lighting engineering to long uninterrupted lines and other equipment for protection or replacement, protect capital additive year by year. Scenery complementary solar street light without electricity, is a one-time investment, low capital protection, benefit for a long time.

scenery complementary device is concise, solar street lamps, not mixed and disorderly laid lines, as long as do a cement base, and then use stainless steel screws. Unlike with messy work procedures in mains lighting engineering, the first thing to laying cable, must carry on the cable trench excavation, laying of drainage tubes, pipe threading, backfilling, etc. A lot of foundation engineering. For a long device debugging, and then there is a problem, if any of the line will be massive rework. And the terrain and mixed and disorderly, artificial circuit demand and auxiliary material capital.

scenery complementary is the completely green lighting system, solar street lamps can improve the quality of urban environment, reduce atmosphere pollution and favor for future generations. Outdoor lighting professional solar street lamp manufacturers, technical quality as the core competitiveness, if you are interested in outdoor lighting project or have any questions, welcome to click, welcome your call

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