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The advantages and disadvantages of the existing LED solar street light

by:SRS     2020-11-10

in the world today, the development of energy and environmental protection is the common concern all over the world, is also an important problem in the social and economic development of our country. Energy is the material base of human activity. In a sense, the development of human society depends on the emergence of high-quality energy and the use of advanced energy technologies. So what is, there exists the advantages and disadvantages of LED solar street light.

LED solar street light with solar radiation for energy, using solar panels to the battery during the day and night to use LED light source power supply, battery without complex and expensive pipeline laid, can be arbitrary adjust the layout of the lamps and lanterns, safety and energy saving no pollution, no manual work is stable and reliable operation, saving electricity maintenance free. Has the advantages of solar LED solar street lamps, including universality, no harm, and the huge, let's take a look at the advantages of LED solar street light:

1, LED solar street lamps, installation is simple, convenient, need not like ordinary street lamp do laying cable, such as a large number of foundation engineering, only need to have a fixed base, all the lines and control parts are placed in the lamp, to form a whole. 。

2, LED solar street lamps using solar photovoltaic cells, solar energy as a kind of green environmental protection new energy, limitless reserve, using them all. Make full use of solar energy resources, to relieve the tense situation of conventional energy have positive significance

3, LED solar street light running low maintenance costs. The whole system running are automatic control, without human intervention, almost do not produce maintenance costs.

but the LED solar is not everything, it also has disadvantages:

( 1) Dispersion: to the amount of solar radiation on the surface of the earth although is very big, but can flow density is very low. On average, near the tropic of cancer, in summer the weather is sunny, noon irradiance of solar radiation, the largest in the direction perpendicular to the sunlight 1 square meter area receives an average of about 1000 W solar power; If according to the annual average day and night, only about 200 w. And in the winter only roughly half, cloudy day only 1/5 or so commonly, this energy flow density is very low. Therefore, in the use of solar energy, want to get a certain switching power, often require area is quite a collection and conversion equipment, cost is higher.

( 2) Instability: by day and night, season, geographical latitude and altitude, and the natural conditions such as sunny, cloudy, cloud, rain, etc. The influence of random factors, therefore, has reached a certain ground the solar irradiance is intermittent, it is unstable, this increases the difficulty to the mass of solar energy application.

( 3) Low efficiency and high cost: the development level of the solar energy utilization, some aspects is feasible in theory, technology is mature. But some solar energy utilization device, because of low efficiency, high cost, in general, economy also can't compete with conventional energy. In quite some time in the future, the further development of solar energy utilization, is mainly restricted by economy.

LED solar street light technology parameters:

1, the quality of solar street lamps light source:

LED cold light source, compared with incandescent lamp, energy saving efficiency can reach above 90%. Under the same brightness, power consumption is only 1/10 of the ordinary incandescent lamp, fluorescent tube, a third of 1/2 of low-voltage energy-efficient light bulbs. LED light source is recognized the solar system is the most suitable light source, LED by fine control mode, the solar led street light work in this mode, significantly reduced the leds are fever, effectively solved the death of the LED lamp bead light failure problem.

2, solar battery components

usually adopts the crystalline silicon solar cell components, has good response performance of weak light, must comply with the IEC61215 and electric protection class II standards. Antireflection films and high transparency greatly increases the energy generated by the glass; Have 4 - frame 6 hole, easy to install on all system structure; Provide standard MC joints and 1 m long cable; There were three diode the joint box, greatly reduced from the component cover system power loss.

3, battery technology

the lead-acid or gel and maintenance-free battery, has small volume, light weight, small self-discharge, less maintenance, long service life, easy to use, no corrosion, no pollution to the environment and other excellent features, compared with the conventional lead-acid batteries, in use, maintenance and management has obvious advantages.

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