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Teach you what is light

by:SRS     2020-11-26

a lot of people misunderstand the meaning of the light, is generally accepted that high lamp is can lift of the lamps in the lamp holder, actually this kind of understanding is not correct, 15 meters high light pole belongs to the rod in the lamp, but also has a lift, it is with the rise and fall of people to understand the contradiction of high lamp. Here to teach us what is high lamp, what is can lift lanterns. High lamp in 17 meters high above the street lamp as light, in the 17 m - is the height of the most common 35 meters, height more than 25 meters high lamp often designed external gym late for easy maintenance. With ordinary light pole is not only the difference between a height differences, also including the light source. Ordinary street lamp is usually a single arm street lamp, that is, only a lamp, a lamp post with at most two ( The arms light pole) 。 Light is different, it is designed is higher, the purpose is to big enough so that up to the illuminate of lamplight, only enough light to reach the ideal number of lighting effects, so light, in the number much extra ordinary street lamp light source. This light has a drawback, that is the maintenance difficulties, all equipped with the height of the external gym not less than 25 meters, that is 25 meters under a lot of gym, if the lamp holder is broken that can only use the crane to maintenance, that is time-consuming and expensive. Usually it is generally accepted that the name of light, street light has function of lifting, this understanding is wrong. Many 14 15 metres high pole lights also have lifting function, it can lift but could not and it's called light. Maybe someone will think of light there is no need to designed to lift, but I think are required to do so is a visionary. For 15 meters to 25 meters of no difference in the maintenance, all need crane, and is provided with the function of lifting light pole while the cost would be higher than that of an elevator, but it can play the role of an investment lifelong benefit. A common height is 15 m - lifting the lamp Between 40 meters.

high lamp lights and elevating the similarities are highly, both of which can reach a relatively high level, on the lighting effects are exactly the same. The only difference is a free lift, one can only rely on machine tools. Two sets of the same height, light pole allocation of lifting system in terms of price 7000 yuan higher than cannot lift. But the individual feels content is worth somewhat, because after servicing a have eight hundred, can need not spend a penny of lifting and safe.

by the introduction of the above should all have a rough knowledge of the difference between the two and won't be confused, in short lift advantage still has a lot of street lamp. Outdoor lighting professional solar street lamp manufacturers, technical quality as the core competitiveness, if you are interested in outdoor lighting project or have any questions, welcome to click, welcome your call

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