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Rural solar street light price is probably how many?

by:SRS     2020-03-27

Rural solar street light price is probably how many? As we all know, most of the rural roads are more rugged, basic is impassable, the evening is very unsafe. But now, for promoting the new rural construction, rural roads have the rural solar street light. Rural led solar street lamp installed in rural, on both sides of the road leading role to facilitate the activities of the villagers at night and to ensure the safety of rural road traffic. More than rural roads, installation of solar street lights in rural natural more and more, so rural solar street light price is probably how many? If day century sunshine lighting explain for everybody:in different places have different lighting needs, but installed on rural roads, it was all there will be a feature, rural roads is night flow of people and vehicles will be less, the rest of the day and the villagers also is compared, the rural street lighting time can be in 6 or 7 hours, conventional rural solar street light configuration is 5 meters 20 w solar street light or is 6 meters 30 w solar street light. For this configuration is used in the countryside is relatively reasonable, that such a configuration rural solar street light is not very expensive, minimum price is in 1300 - 1400 yuan or so, ask if it lights the longer, the price may be in 1500 or 1800 yuan.Rural solar street light price is probably how many? Worth everyone's attention, to understand the particular value of a set of solar street lights, you must first determine the specific parameter configuration of components, such as light pole height, thickness, size of led light source, the size of solar panel, battery capacity, etc. In addition to considering the problems in the transportation costs.
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