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Rural solar street lamps for villagers' convenience?

by:SRS     2021-01-02

rural for villagers' convenience? Solar street lamps in the rural areas have not grown up, whenever we into the rural areas, rural living with city at night in the night of light cannot be compared, in the countryside is a dark night, even if some place all light, it is also very weak light, the villagers' travel safety and there is a considerable threat. Is what is the cause of the present such an environment? Is a lot of the rural collective lack of funding sources, the villagers of the economy is very weak, engaged in the production design of solar street light, high lamp manufacturers, production experience for many years, to create a professional manufacturer of , and to install the lamp needs a lot of money, and manpower. This is a big department of rural economy can't afford, so cause they don't have to install street lamp, even install street lamp installation few in number and is unraveling. The growth of rural at the moment, is to solve the problem in rural areas, rural solar street lamp installation is very simple, so it saves a lot of unnecessary money pay, and solar street light is not electricity, it's cheaper. Rural solar energy prices overall calculation is much cheaper than ordinary street lamp, rural solar street lamp brightness is good, convenient travel the villagers.

- Rural solar street light

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