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Rural solar street lamps FAQ

by:SRS     2020-04-29
Problem a: the location of the solar panels must be toward the south? ? Answer: the user is located in the northern hemisphere, solar panel component facing south is the best. In order to ensure that components can receive as much as possible, as far as possible the average light radiation, we in the component design support, according to the region, has done the best slope design. Problem two: rural solar street light can have much power, whether to keep the normal street light use? Answer: different specifications, different system to produce electricity. We can according to your requirements, recommend or design system that can meet your demand, and is generally recommended electricity system can maintain normal electricity demand. Question 3: solar panels covered how to do? Do you need often clean? Answer: solar panels installed on the acceptable to the sun all day, and we are in the design and installation also managed to avoid the shading effects of existing facilities. In most areas, there is enough rainfall to clean the panels, we usually don't need to clean. If it is in dusty areas, timely cleaning is a must. Available hose rinse clean. Don't trample while pay attention to clean or walk on the solar panel, don't use metal, hard scrub or use grinding method to clean, do not spray cleaning at high temperature. Question 4: how rural solar street light fault maintenance? Answer: 1. First, check whether the controller battery indicator light is lit, if not bright check off, controller and battery cable wire is normal, the multimeter test battery voltage, battery voltage is normal, replace the controller. 2. Check whether the controller load indicator light is lit, the multimeter is used to inspect the output voltage, to see whether there is voltage output. If there is no voltage output, replace the controller. 3. Check whether the voltage of the LED driver input is normal, check the LED driver, the fuse is in good condition, if the fuse intact, multimeter is used to inspect the LED driver output voltage is normal, if normal, please follow change LED lamp holder, if abnormal, please replace the LED driver.
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