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Rural solar street lamp light pole specific production steps

by:SRS     2020-04-28

Street lamp is now used in most city road lighting, new rural construction of lighting facilities, and the quality of the light pole will affect the service life of street lamps, so small make up today is to introduce you to the rural solar street lamp light pole production steps. Rural led solar street lamp light pole specific production steps: a, roll plate production line. To turn to in the production of light pole coil production operation. Second, the steel plate oblique cutting line. Suitable for long longitudinal shear shear plate processing, shear plate length can be adjusted. Through hydraulic steel pin shear for plate on the walking device, the cutting disc to rotate, the shear plate device running to subject and shear plate, pressure of material, put, the inclined plate as required size can be cut sheet taper. Especially suitable for the lamp pole, pole of sheet metal cutting. Three, joint welding automatic production lines. Use of automatic welding equipment, automatic flux recovery, uniform weld, continuous and beautiful, strong penetration, a joint welding forming, welding of high efficiency and speed of 23 m/min, is 3 times of gas shielded welding, costs less than gas welding, welding speed is the present domestic lighting industry is the fastest, effect is good, the lowest price of the equipment. Four, this machine is suitable for light and bar after bending joint special equipment. The machine consists of turbine, worm drive joint action, can be combined operation can also be single action operation, with manual welding, high efficiency, spot welding after finalize the design to the semi-automatic welding production line for welding, as well as for bar and light the whole round. Five, the steel tube straightening production line. Compact equipment has simple structure, convenient and specific operation, can be made of steel bar artificially on die, have personal hold, handheld, button type dynamic pressure. Steel rod straightness held by the human visual, the efficiency is high, the device can straightening any shape of the light pole, flag pole, pole and high lamp, head round. Six, bend pipe production line. According to the requirements of the design, some of the street lamp light pole head bent, lamp posts, namely the curved arm is composed of main board and bending die. With two sets of mold, mold under the deceleration machine cleaning, the pressure on the circular mold steel tube along the circular bending die, simple operation, without heating and filler, can be directly to the upper conical light pole to bend. Light pole production cannot careless, so it should be taken seriously, do good light pole, anti-corrosion, sun protection, waterproof, were able to increase our street lamp life for a very long period of time.
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