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Rural solar street lamp installation distance?

by:SRS     2021-03-31
Rural solar street lamp installation distance? Rural install solar street lamps need to make sure that the road in the night of the traffic and economic savings, especially in the countryside, installation of solar street light, there are few left and right sides is symmetrical, or how much space for installation, usually without a fork in the road straight road can be 50 m - 100 meters to install a lamp, while the vehicle is easy to suddenly appear, near the intersection of the villagers gathered a small square night concentrated, in the village roads poor places and the incidence of accident generally installed separately a light for solar street lamps to the villagers to provide convenience to reduce accidents. With urban road is completely different, based primarily on urban roads of solar street lamp installation distance is, according to the solar street light irradiation distance requirement light no dead Angle, no shadow, because light up every road to city road, stream of people that are relatively concentrated, and rural for practical needs, you can ignore these factors, according to the actual demand for installation. And rural install solar street lamps should consider tall trees to keep out of sunlight, to avoid those tall trees, to avoid easy to slide of slopes, the local geological rickety, rain season is easy to cause landslides and damage solar street lamp, should choose the geological solid local installation, also can let solar street lamps factory send technicians to confirm installation distance field investigation.
rural cement pole how to transform solar energy street light?
rural cement pole how to transform solar energy street light? Now more and more rural installed solar street lamp, in some places for the convenience of the villagers at night and reduce the cost, can consider to increase on the original pole solar lighting system, such as lighting system is both economical and practical and can make full use of the resources of great affirmation, then add the pole what is the specific operation method of the solar system? First of all, it is by telegraph poles to solar street light, solar panels, battery, LED light source, since on the telegraph pole, then save the pole, only need solar panels, batteries, LED light source. As long as the three most important components of the assembly on them. Solar panels and bracket on cement pole need embrace hoop, using the fixed hoop tightly, put the battery on the iron battery box, fixed on the poles, through wires connected to the parts. The poles to remake the solar street light not only can save the cost of the light pole and can reduce the cost of embedded parts, on the economy has played a very good effect, saving is widely recognized in the country.
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