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Rural lighting why choose solar street light?

by:SRS     2021-04-04
Rural lighting why choose solar street light? Rural road lighting generally choose solar street light as the main road lighting equipment, which is determined by the following several reasons 1, underdeveloped rural power network power network is far from the city developed, so install lamps, most of the area is need to introduce power, will require wiring and furrowing, wiring and furrowing the lights will greatly increase the construction cost. 2, saves the cost of solar street light is very low, compared with the utility street lamp, solar street light is equivalent to a year of cost only a few yuan, lights and ordinary mains electricity bills a year cost to a few hundred yuan, so in terms of cost, solar street light is more cost-effective. 3, avoid open ditch without wiring solar street lamps, so at the time of installing solar street light, does not need to open groove excavated, not in the ground with a lot of all kinds of cable, convenient in rural areas and the launch of a farm. 4, the actual demand of solar street lamps lighting time is usually 6 - every day Eight hours, this and rural road lighting is very much in demand, because after 12 o 'clock at night, the road the pedestrian is very scarce, in terms of actual demand, solar street light more in line with the rural people's habits.
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