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Rural install solar street lamps need to pay attention to?

by:SRS     2021-04-01
Rural install solar street lamps need to pay attention to? As rural living standard unceasing enhancement, rural night now is no longer ago that WuQi jet the countryside, because along with our country socialism new rural construction in full swing, rural roads on both sides have to install a lot of street lamp. Recently, a novel energy-saving solar street light also gradually entered the rural people's field of vision. In the countryside to install solar street lamps for at ordinary times very thrifty farmer very cost-effective, because of the solar energy into electricity, used in street lamp will greatly reduce the electricity. So, the rural install solar street lamps need to pay attention to what issues? 1, to avoid obstructions for solar street light as the sun's radiation energy, so the cell receives sunlight directly determines the adequacy of lighting effect is significant. So before installation must ensure that don't let the leaves mask to cover the most important components. 2, regular cleaning due to install on the road, often can have the dust and dirt, photovoltaic components that dust will be influence the absorption of light effect, can also affect the battery life, so in order to avoid unnecessary trouble, suggest that regular cleaning components. Clean when pay attention to the steps to according to the instruction manual, don't directly flush with water, shall be with cloth is wiped, to restore the surface of the battery is bright and clean.
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