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Rural how much is the price of a set of solar street lamps

by:SRS     2020-04-28

Use lighting up in the new rural construction is the rural solar street lamp, because of easy installation, convenient lighting application is very extensive, mountains, plains for electricity environment is poor, and other regions to use solar energy street light is preferred. So, the rural how much is the price of a set of led solar street lamp? Small make up to introduce to you today. : rural solar street light price factors including light pole, lamp holder, solar panels, batteries, embedded parts, controller, lamp, such as accessories wire bracket of solar panels, light pole, lamp holder, solar panels, price of battery is the core components. Factors affect the price of solar street lamp, lamp pole height, the size of the lamp holder, the size of the solar panel, battery, such as the size of the set price will affect the solar street light. 6 meters 30 watts of solar street light, for example: configuration 30 ah lithium battery 80 w solar panels price is 1400 yuan. Configuration of 55 ah lithium battery 130 w solar panel price is 2150 yuan. Above is for your introduction about the rural problems, the price of led solar street lamp if you want to know more about the knowledge of welcome to contact our company personnel.
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