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Residential solar street lamps and what are the different solar street lamps square

by:SRS     2020-05-11

These years of China urban construction pace faster and faster. Designs city-lighting doing is getting better and better. Especially the fashion and beautiful courtyard lamp already replaced traditional lamps and lanterns. Especially in some high-end community and civic square has become a beautiful scenery line. But most people don't know village garden lights and public square courtyard lamp still have certain difference. Below is the led solar street lamp factory tell us the differences between the two. The first residential characteristics and style of the garden light: the first to achieve certain lighting effect, convenient community residents in late; The second want to accord with the style of whole building, the style is consistent with the district, to have the synergies effect; The third should pay attention to beautiful sex, neither too drab, also not to be too glaring, don't make the person produces aesthetic fatigue. According to the integral style of the community, both Chinese and European lamp type can be produced, in addition to the luminaires village garden light, the staggered general highway cloth lamp and symmetric cloth lamp, two ways have their own advantages and disadvantages, can according to the layout of the village (select the most appropriate way In future articles will have in-depth introduction, here we will not continue to explore) So that satisfy lighting effect, and pay attention to beautiful. Square courtyard lamp belongs to part of the public buildings, embodies the style and character of a city, so it has the strong artistic effect, its characteristic and style, the first day beautification, the modelling of the entire courtyard lamp to consider aesthetic integration of the square, night to consider art lighting, light color to foil the beauty of the square, walk also consider lighting effect for citizens; The second notice to view and admire a gender, that is to say the courtyard lamp itself should not only aesthetically pleasing, and beautification of the environment, also can become a city or a region's cultural symbol. 
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