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Professional installation method of high pole lamp

by:SRS     2021-07-30
For a large high-pole lamp manufacturer, in addition to providing various components for their customers, they also provide installation services when selling executives, and their installation technology is quite mature, which is worthy of many people. Study, this article will tell you the installation techniques and methods of high-pole lamp manufacturers. If your job is to install high-pole lamps, you must learn this knowledge well and take a look at the professionalism of these manufacturers. What is the installation method?    First, the manufacturer of the high-pole lamp attaches great importance to this step during the installation process, because this is the installation of the main body of the high-pole lamp, so in this case, it is necessary to find a way to make each A component set is as perfect as possible. There will be quite a lot of socket length at the splicing place of each main rod. The manufacturing error must be considered when installing, so the largest and smallest sockets must be provided. Length, only in this way can you ensure that the theme installation is completed, and does not affect the use.  Second, lubrication is required.   For large-scale high-pole lamps, manufacturers of high-pole lamps should make the installation as more convenient as possible when installing, because this can save manpower and material resources and reduce installation costs. There is also a very simple way to achieve this purpose. The easiest way is to use lubricating oil, but when lubricating, it is necessary to prevent the lubricating oil from contaminating the pole body. Only in this way can the theme of the high pole lamp be protected from corrosion and the high The life of the pole lamp, otherwise it will shorten its life. After reading this article, you can understand how the high pole lamp manufacturer installs it. When installing, in addition to the two methods mentioned above, there are other things. In short, follow these correct Installation method, the installed high pole solar street lamp can only operate normally when in use.
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