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Production waste solar street light means what?

by:SRS     2021-01-21
Production waste solar street light means what? I believe you see on the news about the solar street light, garbage solar street lamps news already have immunity, because of the garbage on the market is really too much solar street lamps, the rubbish is how to produce solar street lamps, what method use is? Garbage solar street lamps of fraud method basically has the following kinds: 1, lack of power on the surface of lamp bead amount is much, but the lamp bead the power of the whole far short of demand, and there is no instrument can detect, that would make undesirable businessman advantage, reduce the power lamp bead, and in order to prevent others see, deliberately use some more dazzling light to cover the shortage of the power of color, people walking in the light, it's easy to feel dazzling and dizzy, very uncomfortable. 2, qi phenomenon of a serious shortage of solar panels and batteries, empty mark the size of the solar panels and batteries, in order to cover the shortage of the products, with large framework to do solar panels, with a large box to install batteries, shoddy. 3, cold galvanizing treatment after hot dip galvanized solar street lamps are needed to deal with, however, hot dip galvanized solar street lamps light pole than galvanized 30% more expensive, the price of some of the more 'aggressive' suppliers, would like to use the hot galvanizing light pole to pretend to be hot dip galvanized light pole, such not only can save a lot of cost, and also will be a lot cheaper in price, and good selling, and money, this way, who will actually, solar street light is no laughing matter, however, not hot dip galvanized solar street light under natural conditions, three years will start to rust, corrosion, collapsed, and the who is responsible for the accident! Of course, there are other many kinds of a variety of methods, the most ridiculous is that there are still a small part of the manufacturer to produce the lamp with the method of the tinplate shell concrete pole light pole, is to accompany a customer to a famous factory in local visit see,,, really speechless! In short, low behind the solar street lamps, there are a variety of colorful trap, buyers need to polish eyes covet is cheap!
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