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Price of solar street light should be how to find?

by:SRS     2021-04-04
Buy cheap street lamp? Price of solar street light should be how to find? Only buy no wrong to sell, this words, as you know, that is to say, whether you buy the cheapest, or expensive, even the cost of cheap enough, no one will lose money sell to you, must have his reasons. A real, recorded in the history of things: a butcher in the ancient times, using our today's words, is a kill pig meat, one day the king summoned his palace, to marry his daughter to him, to give him a lot of gold and silver jewelry, he immediately refused, want to don't want to ask others up the reason, he said, when I sell meat, will also often take the broken meat in a very big discount processing to others, others thought it was earned, actually take back and can't eat, those who sell, must have his hidden reasons. Well, you have to ask, what does this have to do with the solar street light? Because now on the market, a lot of solar street light, the price is far below our as cognitive range of solar street lamps factory, that is, we put all the quotation configuration in accordance with each other, according to the lowest purchase cost price, the price of some of the so-called 'source manufacturer' will be lower than the scope of our cognitive, even low to dare not imagine. So, in the past two years, the market is coming events of solar street light scandal, in many parts of the country's people had a very bad effect and shadow in the heart, even in some places, we at the time of installing solar street lamp, ordinary people are not recognized, will someone mockingly, ask, can light a month? Others will say, next door to so-and-so village with many solar street lamp, not bright, how many days, and so on, all in all, are not conducive to the topic of solar street light. Only when our street lamps, light for several years, it's still so bright, the villagers would feel very curious, why your home street light and bright, and able to work for so many years? Actually, this is because a lot of people at the time of purchase, don't know the quality of the products, low prices, the cause. So, at the time of purchase, customers should shop around, can't hear low price quickly flashing eyes, seems to see the new world, regardless of anything. One never loses anything by shopping around, sure is better on the price, this is for sure, but on the premise of price, is also to achieve at least the standard of the quality of the product.
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