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Price is closely related to the quality of solar street light

by:SRS     2020-07-23

Price and quality is closely related to solar street lamp, solar street light material is different, its quality also is different, different quality price differs twice, and then there is manufacturer of solar street light, solar street lamps height, the choice of power and area, and lighting time different will directly affect the price of solar street light and configuration. General principle is that the higher the light pole, light source, the greater the power, regional environment more bad, lights the longer the higher the price, on the contrary, the lower the price. Although the high price of solar street light, in slightly higher than the ordinary light pole, but in the operation and maintenance cost savings greatly, in addition to the storage battery as a whole solar street lamps are available for 25 years, a decade after the economic benefits of solar street light more substantial, and completely accords with the relevant national policy of energy conservation and emissions reduction. Solar street light is a one-time investment, no maintenance costs, long-term benefit, suggest broad consumer at the time of purchase, so don't put price as the first condition of choosing solar street lamps, only good quality products to ensure the service life of the.
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