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Point four solar street lamps often appear problem

by:SRS     2021-01-14

the advent of solar street lamps, application and promotion speed, which indicates the degree of popular solar street light. But we tend to be rather than in the practical application of the following four points:

1, droop, heat dissipation and constant current. Because the LED a long service life, and can work through period of time the lower power at night, so both as a solar street lamp lighting and general engineering will choose solar led street light. LED lamp to heat and constant current main problem, constant current can pass plus a constant current driver or use a constant current controller, heat dissipation must rely on aluminum to heat dissipation, increase under the aluminum copper or brass to more effective heat dissipation, good control of temperature, LED the life will be longer.

2, guard against theft. Far away from downtown should also pay attention to the security work, a lot of construction engineering contractor for negligence, not effectively guard against theft, stolen in solar LED street lamp battery, panels and other components, not only affects the normal lighting, also creates unnecessary damage to property. So we can use solar LED street light battery is buried underground concrete, is not only an effective security measures, can also have the effect of constant temperature. On the light pole with reinforced by welding the battery box.

3, the choice of solar LED street light controller. Controller is often overlooked by engineering contractor selection of a problem, the uneven quality of the controller, the 12 v / 10 a controller market prices in 100 - 200 yuan, although is the part of the street lamp system of value, but it is a very important link. Controller is good or bad will directly affect the solar led street light system, component life, and the purchasing cost of the whole system.

4, not reduce configuration. In numerous solar LED street light, in the actual application in many parts of the solar led street light can't meet the needs of the normal lighting, especially in continuous rainy days and winter much light period is more outstanding, in addition to use the poor quality of the related components, is another major reason why blindly reduce component costs, no configuration is designed according to the demand, reduce the use standard panels and solar led street light, so unable to provide lighting at rainy day light, so we can't reduce the configuration.

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