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Now what are worth improved solar street lamps?

by:SRS     2021-01-20
Now what are worth improved solar street lamps? Though the solar street light is steady development, the market gradually expanded, quality stable, the price also in area normalization, but also has a lot to improve solar street lamps. 1, photovoltaic solar panels, photovoltaic solar panels for the sun the utilization rate of only 17% at present, although the highest reached 28% but in terms of current technology, or not enough, the efficiency of photovoltaic panels, is the development of the solar street light on the way must be a place for improvement. 2, the efficiency of the whole system of solar street lamps system efficiency is in commonly 40% Efficiency of 50%, although have very high but there is still a very large space, hopefully can reach 70% in the future. 3, battery storage battery is the most in need of improvement, solar street lamps colloid lead-acid battery price is cheap, but the price is expensive, weight big, although lithium battery is small in size, but the price is expensive, and the possibility of deflagration, so in the future to improve solar street lamps, battery should bear the brunt. 4, controllers, solar street light controller is a microcomputer device, at present various types and functions of the battery, solar street lamps at present a lot of manufacturer are testing various solar street lamps controller, but for now, the stability of the controller, functional, there are still a lot of room for improvement.

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