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Now how do we use solar street light

by:SRS     2020-11-21

solar street lamps are now very popular, but the price is expensive, we use good solar street light. A good product will be used on the blade. At this stage, we initiative where use solar street light?

1, the mountain path is suitable to install solar street light. Because the mountains of electricity project is bigger, but go out walking at night is more, don't be careful will severely threatening national security. All install solar street light on the path is very appropriate. This kind of situation now in many areas have begun to implement.

2, city of installing solar street light. Now the first-tier cities of basic have installed solar street light. Not only can protect the environment, it is of great help to the city.

3, rich rural. Now many rural all installed solar street lamp, although expensive, but in the end left a lot of electricity. We hope to apply proper solar street lamps, such as in the new rural construction can be applied to the LED solar street light, avoid wiring, once installed the advantage of free maintenance, lifelong zero electricity can be for the local government to save a lot of money spent on the LED street light electric, electricity.

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