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Lithium-ion batteries have the advantages of solar street lamps?

by:SRS     2020-03-18

lithium battery technology continues to advance solar street lamps, the use of the battery is more and more widely. In today's battery of led solar street lamp, in addition to the commonly used lead-acid batteries and gel batteries, lithium battery of solar street light is becoming more and more popular. Why lithium battery led solar street lamp be recognized by people? Very important reason is lithium battery service life is longer than the other two batteries, greatly reduces the cost. What are the advantages of lithium battery of solar street light? 1, the temperature of the lithium battery has a strong adaptability, the temperature of the lithium battery of solar street light has a strong adaptability. It can be - 20℃- 60 ℃ environment normal work, and even in - So is 45 ℃ cold environment.  2, lithium battery pollution-free led solar street lamp, long service life. Lithium battery pollution-free, while lead-acid batteries by heavy metal lead pollution. In addition, short service life of the lead-acid battery, and lithium battery service life generally in more than 10 years, the service life of led light source is 10 years.  3, lithium batteries more intelligent if use lithium battery solar street lamps, can according to user requirements, such as battery capacity, the use of time, weather conditions, intelligent optimization, the reasonable allocation of power levels, light control, time control and memory storage and other functions, to ensure that it can be continuous lighting in rainy day for 10 days.  4, high energy storage density, light weight, easy installation. if you use the lithium battery of solar street light, because the weight is lighter, can hang on the other side of the panel, thereby saving time and energy. Lithium battery energy storage density as high as 460 - solar street light 600 Wh/kg, which is about 6 - of lead-acid batteries Seven times.  5, lithium batteries, solar street light safer lithium battery is a dry cell. It is a kind of controllable pollution-free energy storage battery it than lead acid battery is more stable and safe. 
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