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Lithium electricity solar street lamp installation method explanation!

by:SRS     2020-04-14

Everyone is no stranger to solar street lights, led to the development of li-ion battery in recent years the solar street light on the road around the installation. Lithium electricity compared with the traditional solar street light, solar street lamp has the advantages of long service life. Lithium electricity solar street light with small size, environmental protection, energy saving, convenient installation and a series of advantages, in a variety of advantages quickly occupied the market. The current power supply system has used on solar road from gel battery to lithium batteries, the common solar street light in different ways and installation, as a result, the century ( If the day) Share how to install street lamp lighting: a, colloid and lithium electricity installation of different lies in its installation location. Place the battery in the underground traditional led solar street lamp, and by anti tank protection. Lithium batteries are divided into aluminum shell and plastic shell, aluminum shell installation using the hoop fixed in the lower solar panels, can prevent theft, reduce line losses. Plastic shell supported and placed in the sun of the light pole is our welding on the platform. This design reduces the manual installation and the cost of private security design, but there is a fault, if the configuration is lesser, after-sale installation more troublesome.  2, pay attention to the lithium battery of solar street light installation is that we will going to finish the test on the whole system in the bottom, because if the vertical stem is completed, the line is wrong, maintenance is very troublesome, Lithium battery of wiring is very simple, its output has two lines, one solar panels, one light source, we only need to open the switch, on the surface of the light source is connected a minute will automatically light up, connected to solar panels; If it is not bright, don't worry, can direct light source is connected to the solar panels, so that you can direct a negative electrode of panels, a minute or so will be bright, why there are so difference, lies in the lithium electricity control and general control of the difference is that the lithium electricity can use solar panels to start, while the start of the common controller must be battery) 。 Its output has two lines, one is connected to the solar panels, a connection to the light source, we only need to open on the surface of a switch, connect light source will automatically light up a minute, connected to the solar panels; If it is not bright, don't worry, you can connect directly to solar panels, light source, so you can directly remove the panels of the cathode, a minute or so will light up, why is there such a difference, lithium is the difference between control and normal control, li-ion battery can use solar panels to start, while the start of the common controller must be battery) .Installation note: 1. Install the lithium battery storage and control to the solar panels on, to retain the corresponding location of the four screw holes.  2. Solar panels installed on the solar panel bracket, in order to retain and described in a fixed position corresponding to the four screw holes.  3. To complete the installation of the solar panels and lithium battery control support, and should be fixed on the top of the light pole. 4. Solar panel on the back of the connection design for reverse button, use a screwdriver to pry open, positive and negative electrode wire can be separated from lithium battery control black cap, wire tape package available. In addition, still should illustrate the lithium battery power before they go out under, prevent bump in transit from inflammable, explosive, therefore, in use process will appear dark, is the controller into half power protection, please rest assured. Lithium battery solar configuration should be paid attention to led solar street lamp to scale, in order to reduce after-sales maintenance. 
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