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Lithium battery solar street lamps in the rainy day can work continuously?

by:SRS     2020-04-04

In the lithium battery as the whole system is used to provide appropriate amount of containers solar street lamps, its quality directly determines the solar street lamp can light up according to the demand and the number of days in the case of continuous rainy days continuous power supply. Now the solar street light is ideal equipment of road lighting in people daily life, with the continuous improvement of people's living standard and the continuous development of social production, solar street lights will be widely used, the use of efficient lighting to provide more for the people. Solar street light is controlled by the controller according to the voltage of solar panels to the light source on and off, when the solar panels experience rainy days, low voltage reach to the battery voltage, battery discharge light source for a long time work, protect voltage, controller will force doesn't work; But when the sun appears to continue charging, such lights can reach 365 days throughout the year.If so, come to the conclusion that if lithium battery with led solar street lamp, lighting, it can maintain a week on a rainy day, seven days, the main reason is that the lithium battery solar street lamps by solar radiation energy into electrical energy use, as to how to increase the working hours it in rainy day, that is about to choose the appropriate lithium batteries. Nnow manufacturer of choice for general or split type street light, solar street lamps of lead-acid battery or plugins on light pole, either underground buried beside the light pole, placed in the ground inside the box. Another is lithium batteries placed on the back of the panel component. Voltage platform: the lithium battery voltage platform & gt; 3 v, lead-acid battery is 2 v. Security: power type lithium ion batteries, Manganese acid lithium, lithium iron phosphate) Different safety is different material, lead-acid battery technology already quite mature, security is better than lithium battery. Environmental protection: the lithium battery without pollution, Not absolute) , while lead-acid batteries with heavy metal lead pollution. Discharge characteristic, simple saying the same capacity of the battery, under the condition of large current discharge, lithium battery than lead-acid battery out about 30% of the electricity. solar street lights can be based on 24 hours a day the sky brightness and individual demand under the different environment automatically adjust the brightness; At the same time, the system also can be allocated in proportion to the lithium battery solar cells used for lighting and storage, and then discharge according to the brightness of the light source, to ensure that the whole system filled with battery in sunny day. At the same time, the LED light source for lighting, can save more energy and power. It can also provide effective illumination in 7 consecutive days of rain and cloudy days. Above is the solar street light manufacturer for lithium battery solar street lamps in the rainy day can work continuously? All the answers, hope can help to you, you can refer to the above parameters. 
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