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Lithium battery replacement, solar street lamp!

by:SRS     2020-11-16
As the solar street light products through the efforts of the government for many years promotion and popularization of the new rural construction, on the way to more and more, on the country road, scenic, personal family, factory, etc are all installed in the solar street light. Early solar street lamps use lead-acid batteries, through the use of 78 has arrived at the end of life. Now has more advantages than lead-acid battery lithium battery: small volume, large capacity, high depth of discharge, the service life of the factory, many users need to change into lithium-ion batteries, how to replace lithium-ion battery solar street lamps of lead-acid battery? The following details of the lithium battery replacement lithium battery solar street lamps installation method. A situation if you want to purchase lithium battery solar street lamps, the manufacturer will be responsible for the after-sale, don't need to worry customers too. Factory technical personnel to install quality assured, the late failure maintenance is convenient. Two kinds of circumstances is a customer has installed solar street light, need to replace the lead-acid battery of lithium-ion batteries, the company specialized technicians are sent to the lithium battery installed on the light pole, use waterproof junction can connect directly with solar panels, for lithium battery voltage protection, replacement of lithium batteries need to be replaced at the same time of lithium batteries dedicated controller. The working voltage of the controller is divided into 12 v or 24 v system, pay attention to during the process of change. After fitting of lithium battery and controller, solar photovoltaic modules for lithium battery recharged during the day, usually 4 - 5 hours can be fully charged, the evening solar photovoltaic modules over voltage is lower than 3. 7 v lithium electricity control when lithium battery to discharge light source. Lithium battery solar street lamps installation method is simpler, solar street lamps factory will be responsible for the installation. Suggest to buy lithium battery customers do not install their own solar street lamps, factory need professional installation, lest appear after fault street lamp manufacturer is not responsible for after-sales service, causing unnecessary economic losses. We want more solar street light price list welcome consultation. City outdoor lighting professional research and development production and sales of solar energy, led outdoor lighting, with many years of production experience and advanced production equipment, quality assurance, reasonable price, configuration, buy led solar street lamps, consulting the led solar street light price, please click contact us online customer service, or dial the service hotline of solar energy, you are welcome to call to order!
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