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Lithium battery and solar street lamps panel configuration of how to calculate

by:SRS     2021-01-14
As lithium battery advantage such as energy-saving, environmental protection is more and more widely applied in the solar street light system, believe that the broad masses of customers friend configuration how to calculate the size of a lithium battery and solar panels are very interested in, want to know what manufacturer to provide the configuration of the solar street lamps and unreasonable, small make up calculation method under the share: 30 wled light source, for example: customer requests lighting for 6 hours a day, the need of electricity every day for 30 * 6 = 180 wh, solar street light design should consider the local rainy day, in the northern area as an example, the rainy day design at least 3-4 days 180 wh * (3 + 1) = 720 wh system voltage is 12 v, requires the lithium battery capacity is 720 wh / 12 v = 60 ah, the use of solar panels capacity is 2.5 times that of lithium battery capacity commonly 60 ah * 2.5 = 150 w, the actual use of solar panels charging efficiency is 80%, the actual need power of 150 w / 80% = 120 w. lithium battery in the practical use solar street lamps, solar panels and lithium battery configuration is very important, the unreasonable configuration has a great influence on the normal work of the system, the configuration excessive waste of cost, configuration is small enough to use, time is long will cause the lithium battery life shortened or loss, so should be according to your requirements and actual installation area and consulting solar street lamps manufacturer to accurately calculate reasonable configuration.
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