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Lithium battery and solar street lamps gel battery solar street lamps which are more reliable?

by:SRS     2021-01-20
Lithium battery and solar street lamps gel battery solar street lamps which are more reliable? A lot of people when the choose and buy solar solar street light will ask a question, that is solar street lamps use gel battery and lithium battery which is more reliable. Aiming at this problem, we can through the following several aspects to explain: 1, security, security is the security of transportation safety and use, the safety of the lithium battery as gel batteries, lithium batteries more or less has certain deflagration phenomenon, especially in the process of transportation and charge and discharge, lithium battery deflagration phenomenon is there is a certain proportion, it is difficult to avoid, also can't because a deflagration accident that so-and-so manufacturer quality no good, because even the phone will have a certain proportion of deflagration phenomenon. 2, reliability, reliability refers to the length of service of the sustained, stable, this point, lithium battery and solar battery is almost equal, usually can use 5 - Eight years and not bad, can reach 5 - service life Eight years, and this lithium battery and gel battery is almost equal. 3, installation convenience installation convenience lithium battery installation is more convenient, the general controller of lithium battery and battery factory are connected, the aim is to prevent opening lithium-ion batteries, preventing detonation phenomenon. And lithium battery is installed on the solar panels, threading is simple, and a lithium battery light weight, so it is more convenient. 4, maintain the convenience of gel battery of solar street lights maintenance easier, gel battery battery is buried in the ground, as long as people on the ground can be used, the battery and lithium battery is at the top of the light pole, so if you want to maintain, have to have a truck auxiliary, or down light pole. 5 and colloidal battery application more widely in resistance and high sensitivity to temperature is low, the lithium battery is the need to have assisted in the low temperature heating equipment can work normally, but with the development of science and technology, low temperature resistant lithium batteries are research and development and the popularization stage.
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