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Lighting landscape lamp maintenance inspection, to you need to pay attention to what problem

by:SRS     2021-01-16
Landscape lamp has become a city beautiful scenery line, belongs to the urban business card, landscape lights at any time with carved are dotted with the scenery of the city. Landscape lamp inspection maintenance landscape lights beautiful appearance without your maintenance, today, as an introduction to landscape lamp maintenance of some key points: 1, in daily use or routine check, once found chimney tilt, should be timely adjusting is; 2, when adjustment chimney, pay attention to the observation, in the case of landscape lights blind don't let the noise of chimney in trigeminal stents have a shadow; 3 do not goods such as air basks in clothings, landscape lamp, this occurred in the residential area is more, this requires staff reminded a lot; 4, avoid by all means is often switch landscape lamp, excessive opened and closed operation can reduce the use of landscape lamp time; 5, use party according to the landscape lamp manufacturer to provide the specifications and technical parameters of using and maintaining landscape lamp, if found the lamp aging, the phenomenon such as black, needs to be changed in a timely manner. Professional development, production to the LED, solar energy, wind energy, etc. Series of energy-saving products. Main products are: landscape lamp, road lights, courtyard lamp, head light, LED solar street lamp, stainless steel lamp, lawn lamp, such as tens of thousands of products, for the general customers to provide quality and efficient energy-saving products, environmental protection, based on quality, reputation for honour, facing the whole country engineering contractors, real estate developers and design institute, the botanical garden afforestation landscape company; Interested friends can log in to our official website.
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