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Light-control solar street lamps on control when off work

by:SRS     2020-07-06

 solar street light automatically turn on the light at night, turn off the light automatically during the day, also called light-operated switch, is through the induction light to a certain degree or light by a certain amount of time by solar energy street light controller commands to control two to turn off the lights. Is one of the core components of solar street light, solar street lamp controller which is coordination of solar panels, battery, LED light source load work, can make the solar street light system is efficient, safe operation. In addition to the photo, compare the common and controlled, electric +,'s full power and had full power control model and so on. Now solar controller development LED to the current intelligent degree not only has the control switch, and automatic identification, battery voltage 12 v / 24 v types of recognition, ensuring the constant current output current, output power regulation, the battery temperature, overcharge, discharge, automatic overload, short circuit protection function and so on. 
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